1. In The Dark

From the album In The Dark

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Standing in the bread line, keeping from the hard times, you'll never know.
Turning in my strong arm, trying to keep my head down and let it go, let it go.
You look at me from high up, as if this land was yours alone you know, ah you know.
Things that always change now, what comes out comes around it grows, ah it grows.

But you can sell whats mine, leave me cold,
and you can take your time, just let me know.
You won't burn my dreams and turn my fears in the night.

I wonder in my lost thoughts, a wonder that the day brought so slow.
Never know where I am, keep my thoughts close to hand, never show, never show.
If I was not a strange man, you'd tear me up and take me down, you know, ah you know.
But I can see the real things, that money buys what money brings to you, ahh for you.