From the album In The Dark

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Standing in the shadows, he calls but no one answers
The wicked girl, she's holding out on me
While he's so distracted, she makes a break and after
Finally, learns that she can breathe

Who knows why, and what came after
she felt so good he trapped her
You're the one, you're the one for me
Summer came, and winter after
The trap was sprung with laughter
The emperor was bare for all to see

Lost in maps and pages, destinations, wages
Always on, forward - journey - leave
She scans the face of strangers, and mildly veiling dangers
Skips over responsibilities

Who knows why and what came after
she left a trail of rapture
You're the one the one to be free
Summer came and winter after
Just one more great disaster
O Emperor - you'll never have me...

Emperor, mistaken, regrets and condemnations
Why did I, was that really me?
So mother broken hearted, calls to get things started
Where's my girl, where's she going to be?

On Train and plane and roller coaster
They chase and race and toast her
Never stop, ever living free
Winter came and summer followed
Two parts that once were hollow
Found the girl and made her royalty

Who knows why and what came after
The rapture's now been captured
Gone to ground albeit happily